Hello, my name is Eric Sutter and I'm a free lance Web Developer.

Head on over to my portfolio to see some of the work I've done. My portfolio is always expanding and if you have any questions regarding my work in a specific medium feel free to ask me for some more examples.

Recent work


The Uniktard is a brand new product with a very unique design removing the hassle of putting on a unitard while providing the comfort and flexibility needed in yoga wear. The website features all of the companies products and provides the users with options for each product, a newsletter, social media integration and fulfillment channels for product delivery.


This project involved setting up an e-commerce website capable of handling orders, maintaining social media, and displaying products with ease. All the photography was done in studio for each product, because of the unique and one-off nature of the product every single item sold is photographed and added to the website. Orders are placed electronically and the fulfillment center notified